Nickel And His Booby Prize

Since I have not yet met a person that does not appreciate winning free stuff, I have to bring your attention to a Blog Anniversary Contest that is being put on by FiveCentNickel.

You’ll notice that I have a link to Nickel in my *Mo’ Money* section as I think his blog is one of the premier personal finance blogs, along with My New Choice of course. In the event you are not familiar with Nickel, I would encourage you to start with his welcome page that highlights some of his finer posts.

Head to Head
Back in March, Free Money Finance ran a March Madness tournament and it was not a big surprise to see that the championship round came down to FiveCentNickel and Raising4Boys. Oh yeah, did I mention that Raising4Boys is actually another site that Nickel runs along with his wife.

During that tournament, I had the opportunity (or maybe I should say misfortune) to be matched up against one of Nickel’s most popular posts of all time. Needless to say, I came out on the losing side of that matchup although I felt I held my own as I only lost by 2 votes. Here were the two posts:

Teaching Your Children How To Save vs Dave Ramsey is Bad at Math

Where is the booby prize?
Okay, so you’re probably wondering where the booby prize comes into play in all of this discussion about FiveCentNickel. As I mentioned earlier, Nickel is running a contest to celebrate his 2-year blogging anniversary. There are some great prizes up for grabs in this contest, including: 2GB iPod Nano, 1GB iPod Shuffle and a 5GB USB drive.

To keep things interesting, Nickel is also including a booby prize where one *lucky* winner will receive a box of bricks shipped to their door! In all of the contests that I have seen, I have to admit that I haven’t seen anything quite that original or humorous.

Be sure to stop by Nickel’s site and tell him that MyNewChoice sent you!

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