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12 Simple Ways To Save Money On Groceries

If you are tallying up your expenses every month, you may be shocked at how much you are spending on groceries. Obviously, groceries aren’t a luxury you can do without and perhaps that is why so many of us are lenient with our grocery budget. However, there are many ways to reduce this monthly expense. […] continue reading

9 Tips To Live Below Your Means

Living below your means may not seem to be the best way to live your life, but if you wanted to be debt free, then this is the way to go. Living below your means does not mean that you have to live life like a poor man. It simply means that you have to […] continue reading

7 Tips To Save You Money

If you always stick to your budget and save a few dollars a day, then you are on your way to a debt free life. Keeping a budget log where you jot down your expenses would help you in saving more money. Take a look at your monthly expenses. Mark the things that you spend […] continue reading

CFL Discount For Illinois ComEd Customers

Did you know… If every household in the U.S. replaced one light bulb with an ENERGY STAR® CFL, it would prevent enough pollution to equal removing one million cars from the road. ComEd Offers Discounts ComEd is offering residential customers in northern Illinois the opportunity to receive up to a 60% discount on compact fluorescent […] continue reading

Resist The Temptation

Today I had the opportunity to practice what I preach to my wife and kids about how to avoid impulse buying and truly evaluating if something is a need versus a want. This morning I was reading the newspaper and noticed a sale ad for Fry’s Electronics that was advertising a 50″ Sony Grand Wega […] continue reading

Avoid The Clearance Aisle Trap

In our house, my wife is certainly the one with the “shopping bug” as she loves to shop and I am happy to avoid even setting foot into a store for as long as possible. Even though my wife does love to shop, I have to admit that she is very good about not spending […] continue reading

Learn To Negotiate On Common Expenses

You’re most likely familiar with the concept of negotiating on the price of large ticket items, such as your vehicles or even when you purchased your home. But how often do you try to negotiate on your more common expenses? Marshall Loeb’s daily money tip over at touches on the idea of negotiating common […] continue reading

Store Hopping For Grocery Shopping

With the landscape of grocery stores changing in our area, my wife and I have been discussing the idea of visiting different stores to take advantage of the best prices for various items. But that begs the question of how many stores is too many and when does chasing the dollar end up costing you […] continue reading

How To Save Money At The Pump

As the gas prices continue to rise around the country, you are likely looking for ways to reduce your fuel costs and Cynthia Brodrick has delivered with an article on 15 ways to save money on gas. The very first tip is one that I have mentioned a few times here myself. Properly Inflated Tires […] continue reading

Could You Live On $1 Salary?

How extreme would you have to cut expenses to live on a salary of $1.00 per year? What about if you received a bonus of $1723 on top of that salary? Even the people that take living below their means to a new level would be hard-pressed to pull this off yet somehow the top […] continue reading