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Boost Your Budget With Credit Cards

Yes, you read that right — you can boost your budget with credit cards! And no, we haven’t had too much eggnog to drink this holiday season! The common mentality is that credit cards are evil, or at least a significant contributing factor to why so many people are mired in debt. However, with the […] continue reading

Budget Boot Camp :: Back To Basics

It is always nice to know that you have money in your pocket during times of crisis and emergencies. Occasional recreational activities and buying luxury items that you want to purchase can add spice to your life. How can you possibly have the extra money yet also have a comfortable everyday living? This is what […] continue reading

How To Trim Your Budget

Would you like a little more breathing room in your budget? Whether you follow a very strict monthly budget where you allocate each dollar to specific goals or follow a more loose budget where you meet your savings goals and live on the rest, I am sure you wouldn’t mind reducing your expenses. Over at […] continue reading

Stop Eating Your Money

How much money do you budget each month towards eating away from home? Maybe I should first ask whether you are even following a budget or spending plan but the truth is that people are spending more and more on eating out. This morning I read an article in the Chicago Tribune that discussed the […] continue reading

Am I Weird?

Ever since getting a handle on our consumer debt and leading a life free of paying other people interest (other than our mortgage company), I actually look forward to the daily mail and any bills that may arrive. While most of our monthly bills are now configured to automatically bill my rewards credit card, there […] continue reading

Children Managing Their Allowance

As I wrote in my post about teaching children how to save, we have been using a weekly allowance system for our children and have been quite happy with the results. However, today I heard of an interesting alternative to the weekly allowance. Since the typical weekly allowance is a relatively small amount, pay your […] continue reading

Money Personalities of Children

This afternoon I received a nice example of the money personalities of our two children and they are beginning to become quite different from each other. With both of them having birthdays in the later part of the year and just passing the holiday season, they have accumulated a fair amount of money. Today we […] continue reading

Would You Like an Extra $200 Per Month?

Did you receive an income tax refund last year? According to the Principal Financial Well-Being Index, 84% of the workers surveyed were expecting a refund on their 2005 state or federal taxes. With the average American household carrying about $8000 in credit card debt, the average tax refund of approximately $2500 could eliminate over 30% […] continue reading

Plan Ahead to Avoid ATM Fees

How many times have you been in a rush to get cash from the ATM and decided to simply use the most convenient ATM? Unfortunately, that often means you are using a machine that is not from your bank or out of your bank’s network. The fees imposed by the bank that owns the machine, […] continue reading

Creating a Budget: Classifying Expenses

Now that you have spent some time tracking your expenses, the next step in the budgeting process is to sit down with that data and begin to organize your expenses. This may seem like a daunting task but it can be broken down into sections. With your list of expenses, begin to organize them into […] continue reading