Monthly Archives: September 2007

Tips On Dealing With The Pirates Of The Banking Industry :: Debt Collectors

Stephen Bis is a senior debt analyst with the USCA/Roll Law Firm which specializes primarily in credit card debt settlement. Every year more and more Americans wake up one day to find that their financial position is becoming impossible to handle. The tell tale sign of a major problem on the horizon is when they […] continue reading

Opening A New Checking Account

Awhile back I had mentioned that I was searching for a new bank as I was not happy with some of the changes at my current bank. At the time I had mentioned there was a National City Bank being built down the street from my house. In an odd turn of events, National City […] continue reading

No Guarantees With Your 401k

The other day I had an opportunity to have a conversation with a gentleman that had worked for a well-known company and suffered a substantial loss in his 401k, resulting in a much more tight budget when he accepted the early retirement package rather than be laid off. What was one of his biggest mistakes? […] continue reading

Net Worth Update: August 2007

As a means of tracking my progress towards my 2007 goals, I am going to be running this as an on-going series of posts. As a bit of background, here are the opening posts in the series: July 2007 Update June 2007 Update May 2007 Update April 2007 Update March 2007 Update February 2007 Update […] continue reading