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Want To Improve Your Credit Score?

Raise your hand if you’re in debt. You’re not alone. With the state of the economy and unemployment rates wreaking havoc on families all across the country, more and more people are struggling just to make ends meet. Raise your hand again if you believe that being in debt means that your credit score is […] continue reading

Nominate Your Favorite Personal Finance Blog for the Media Awards

Everyone has their favorite blogs and no doubt if you’re reading this post you know of at least one blog deserving an award.  Personal finance blogs are only one of many categories of awards to be given out at the World Media Awards to be held in the PayPal building in San Francisco on October […] continue reading

8 things you need to consider before signing up for a joint account

Joint Account

Money can be a source of various conflicts for many people who are in relationships. It’s important, therefore, to come up with a financial strategy that works for both parties involved. Having a joint account may be advisable for those individuals who want or require more than one person authorized to use a bank account, […] continue reading

Bar None: The BEST Money-Making Degrees

You want to maximize your time in college, of course, but you also want to make sure that once you finally get out, you’ll be able to find a job in your career area of interest. In order to find the most lucrative, well-paying job, you need to start by pursuing the best possible degrees […] continue reading

Learning money lessons from celebrities

It is quite common for people to look at celebrities with a tinge of envy – thinking how it would be so relaxing to never have to worry about money, earning millions of dollars year after year. Sure, the income that celebrities earn is far more than many people will see in their lifetime but […] continue reading

The importance of financial planning

Guest Author: Sarah Barnett writes on a wide range of personal finance subjects, from credit cards to budgeting. If you would not take a trip to a strange place without a map, why would you take a trip to an uncertain future without your financial planning strategy? Financial planning is your map to a secure […] continue reading

Earn more by attending these colleges

It is not what you know, but who you know. Surely you have heard that phrase once or twice before and maybe you have anecdotes that would support the meaning of the phrase. Speaking from personal experience, I am certain that my first job out of college was obtained not only because I was qualified […] continue reading

Christmas Classics at My New Choice

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, I’ve noticed that a number of previous posts here at My New Choice are still quite popular with visitors to the site. As you’re finishing your holiday shopping and wrapping presents for your loved ones, take a moment to read these popular posts: Do you tip contractors? The subject […] continue reading

Until hidden purchases do us part

We all know the traditional wedding vows that discuss sickness and health, love and cherish, and all that other good stuff until death do us part. But there isn’t any mention of hiding purchases from your spouse. Given the number of marriages that dissolve due in large part to financial reasons, it should come as […] continue reading

Blame childhood for financial immaturity

Why is it that some of us are like bees, good at saving money, and others are still living paycheck to paycheck even though they are well into their forties? “The child within” theory is finding more and more proponents. This theory holds that our spending habits are formed in childhood. People who are bad […] continue reading

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