Sugar Bowl in HD

About two weeks ago, I purchased a 19″ LCD HDTV (capable) that was on sale but had yet to visit my local cable company to pick up the cable box for their HD service.

This afternoon I was out running errands and stopped by one of the cable company’s offices and picked up the HD cable box and am now watching the Sugar Bowl in HD. While I really love it, I am a little disappointed that there are only a handful of channels broadcasting in HD. The service costs an additional $7 per month so I will have to evaluate how much I really like it to see if it is worth the cost.

However, since I have cut other luxuries out of the budget for 2007, I would not have any problem adding the cost of the service. What do you think? Do you have HDTV service and if so, do you think it would be worth the $7 per month? Also, if you do have HDTV, how many channels actually broadcast in HD?

Oh yeah, go LSU!

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