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Prepaid cards for teens :: Teach your children proper budgeting

Prepaid credit card

We actually live in the epoch of financial issues. In fact, it’s almost impossible to imagine our world with no money in it. Besides, our kids follow the current progress willingly and due to the peculiarities of their age, they need to feel freedom, especially financial. It’s not so bad as this period of life […] continue reading

Educate Yourself On Credit Repair

The falling dollar and rising prices has left many people tightening their financial belts to the limit, in some cases even facing the need to borrow money to pay existing debts (certainly not a recommended practice). More and more people are finding it difficult to pay their bills and are faced with credit scores that […] continue reading

Cash Dependent Workers Are Affected by the Plastic Trend

While it is no doubt more convenient for consumers to rely on credit cards than use cash for all of their purchases, it may not be the same for those people who are in professions that rely heavily on cash tips. In the days of old, it was possible for many waiters, cab drivers, attendants, […] continue reading

The Right Approach to Using Credit Cards

You might have heard of stories about credit card debts gone real bad, maybe you have even lived that story. Many people would tell you that credit cards are just like cashless shopping. Unfortunately this gives some people the notion that with a credit card they can spend as much money as they want, but […] continue reading

Credit Score Myth: Closing Credit Card Accounts Helps Improve Your Credit Score

Many people wrongly assume that closing down credit card accounts will either prevent them from getting into more debt or even help their credit score, but this is a misconception. It’s important to differentiate the right and wrong reasons for shutting down open accounts. Good reasons to close a credit card account: You are the […] continue reading

Credit Cards Going Small

With growth in the consumer credit card business beginning to slow, many credit card companies are beginning to pay attention to small business owners. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, credit card companies are aggressively pushing small business credit cards. Many small businesses make due with the use of personal credit cards, which […] continue reading

Try To Offset Increasing Gas Prices

With gas prices continuing to rise across the country and speculation that we may soon see upwards of $4.00 per gallon, one needs to look for any opportunity to try and offset the cost of gas. One of the easiest ways to offset the rising cost of gasoline is to use a rewards card for […] continue reading

5 Steps To Improve Your Credit Score

ProBlogger is currently organizing another group writing project and the theme this time around is a *Top 5* list. With regard to personal finance and debt management, there are numerous topics that lend themselves well to a *Top 5* list. As an example, FreeMoneyFinance has written a post on the The Top Five Steps to […] continue reading

Careful With Those Cards

Last night I was lucky to avoid a costly mistake of not paying close enough attention while conducting a financial transaction. With a night of crummy weather ahead, we decided to have last night as our “eat-out” night and we ordered some Chinese food. After placing the order, I decided that I would head out […] continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Cash Advance

Credit card companies are really good at marketing and enticing people to use their various product offers, including convenience checks and cash advances. However, as many of you already know, using a cash advance is often times a losing bet for the consumer. While it is possible to use your credit card to obtain cash, […] continue reading