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Carnival of Debt Reduction

In an effort to share knowledge and provide free help to get out of debt, My New Choice has submitted an article on the snowball method of debt elimination in the upcoming Carnival of Debt Reduction being hosted by NCN Network.  Be sure to check out the information in the Labor Day Carnival. continue reading

Strategy to Curb Impulse Buying

When people find themselves mired in credit card debt, one of the culprits is often the result of buying things on impulse even when you know that you cannot afford the item. It is far too easy to simply pull out that piece of plastic and buy that new big screen TV or designer purse […] continue reading

Is Your Credit Card Due Date Inconvenient?

Have you ever had the feeling that every single monthly bill is due at the same time of the month? It is actually quite common to see the majority of your bills due in the beginning of the month, including big-ticket items such as mortgage payments, car payments, insurance premiums and credit card bills. This […] continue reading

IRS to Use Private Collection Agencies

According to an article at by Jay MacDonald, tax payers with an outstanding debt owed to the IRS should not be surprised if they receive a phone call from a collection agency in the coming weeks. The IRS has never used the services of a collection agency but that is about to change. As […] continue reading

Readers’ Choice: August 27th

Since the goal behind this site is to provide you with free help to get out of debt, it is only fitting that you have a voice in the topics that are covered. Initially, this will be a monthly feature on the last Sunday of the month. However, if there is enough interest then this […] continue reading

Creating a Budget: Tracking Expenses

Are you currently using a budget? Have you ever used a budget? Does the word budget scare you? Honestly, some people are so intimidated by the word itself that they steer clear of ever creating a spending plan. If you have never created a budget or it has been awhile since you last used one […] continue reading

The Perils of an Overspending Spouse

For married couples, one of the vital ingredients to a successful debt reduction strategy is that both people maintain an open line of communication and share common goals. Unfortunately, it is far too common to hear of couples where one spouse is diligently working to reduce their debt while the other spouse continues to spend […] continue reading

Should I Close My Credit Card After Paying the Balance?

While working to eliminate you debt, you are likely to see numerous people that will recommend the practice of closing a credit card account once you have paid the balance in full. However, that may not always be in your best interest. Often times people will think that once an account has been paid off, […] continue reading

Tips to Protect Yourself from Phishing Scams

Are you familiar with the term phishing? This article will introduce you to the danger of phishing and provide a few tips that will help protect you from becoming a victim of a phishing scam. Phishing is the use of spam email messages that appear to originate from legitimate businesses that one might have a […] continue reading

eBook: Debt Free in 3 to 5 Years

Are you struggling to eliminate credit card debt? How would you like to be debt free in as little as 3-5 years? It might sound too good to be true, however Clint Holland, author of the Debt Free in Three Systemâ„¢, guarantees that his secret will have you debt free in as little as 3-5 […] continue reading

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