Monthly Archives: January 2011

Learning money lessons from celebrities

It is quite common for people to look at celebrities with a tinge of envy – thinking how it would be so relaxing to never have to worry about money, earning millions of dollars year after year. Sure, the income that celebrities earn is far more than many people will see in their lifetime but […] continue reading

The importance of financial planning

Guest Author: Sarah Barnett writes on a wide range of personal finance subjects, from credit cards to budgeting. If you would not take a trip to a strange place without a map, why would you take a trip to an uncertain future without your financial planning strategy? Financial planning is your map to a secure […] continue reading

American Express Personal Savings Account

For quite some time I have held online savings accounts at both ING Direct and HSBC and have generally been an extremely satisfied customer. There were – and still are – a few minor issues with HSBC Advance that always frustrate me a little. Similar to when I continued to drag my feet on moving […] continue reading