Monthly Archives: November 2006

Amazon Gift Certificates

Looking for a last minute gift for a colleague, friend or family member? Do you have someone on your list that you don’t know what to get them? Gift Certificates (aff) are always the perfect gift, redeemable for millions of items on the Web site. They can be sent via email, an e-card […] continue reading

American Express Balance Transfer Woes

Late last year, I had taken advantage of a balance transfer offer from Citibank and received a check for $24,000 that I deposited into my ING Direct Orange Savings account. As it has been earning interest and nearing the offer expiration date, I was preparing to schedule the transfer of funds out of savings to […] continue reading

ING DIRECT Rate Increase

This morning I received an email indicating that the ING DIRECT Orange Savings account has increased their rate to 4.50% APY. While this is still lagging behind the current market leaders, it makes me happy because I still have some money in my ING account. For those with ING accounts, enjoy the slight increase in […] continue reading

Save $100 on Xbox 360

If you have an Xbox 360 on your shopping list this holiday season, you might want to see if there is a MicroCenter in your area as they are offering a $100 rebate on the Xbox 360 console. While this still results in an expensive gaming console, it is an opportunity to save some money […] continue reading

AGLOCO – Get Paid to Surf the Web

More and more websites that I visit have been discussing the latest venture in being paid to surf the web, AGLOCO. Some of you may remember the first time this was attempted under the name AllAdvantage. At the time, I had tried it out but never really took it seriously. However, I have read numerous […] continue reading

Healthcare Open Enrollment

The healthcare open enrollment period just passed at my company and I am rather disappointed. Not only is the healthcare program that I have been using discontinued but the remaining options are less than stellar. To make matters worse, my wife only works part-time and does not have any benefits available, meaning we are left […] continue reading

Family Time

Over the last two weeks, my work schedule has become rather intense and the number of waking hours I have spent at home has decreased dramatically.  As a result, I have been trying to devote that time to my family and this site has been sitting idle in that time. It is far too easy […] continue reading

Saving on Computer Repairs

Are you intimidated by the thought of trying to fix computer problems on your own? Do you know how to protect yourself from spyware and adware? Did you know that there are very good firewall and anti-virus programs that are available for free? The next time you are faced with a computer question or problem […] continue reading

Carnival of Debt Reduction – 60th Edition

The latest Carnival of Debt Reduction has been posted over at We’re In Debt and there are some nice articles this week, including my article on reducing your debt by increasing your income. Here are a few of my favorite articles from the 60th CoDR: BinaryDollar discusses 3 reasons to pay student loans slowly. This […] continue reading

Little Things Can Add Up

With recent posts on ideas for finding additional sources of income and attempting to increase your income in order to help reduce debt, I thought the following post from MyMoneyBlog on how much can be made from the little things is an appropriate read. As the article mentions, spending some time to search for deals […] continue reading