How To Save Money At The Pump

As the gas prices continue to rise around the country, you are likely looking for ways to reduce your fuel costs and Cynthia Brodrick has delivered with an article on 15 ways to save money on gas.

The very first tip is one that I have mentioned a few times here myself.

Properly Inflated Tires
It’s amazing to think that your tire pressure can have such a large impact but properly inflated tires will save you money at the pump. In addition, you’ll be saving more money over the long-term as properly inflated tires will last longer than under inflated tires.

In an interesting twist on one of the suggested tips, I have to wonder if losing weight could not save a little at the pump as well. According to the article, every additional 250 pounds will reduce your fuel economy by roughly one mile per gallon. Given how many people in this country are overweight, present company included, it might be possible to save a few pennies but dropping those excess pounds.

My Additional Tips
One tip that I did not see in the article but has been a help for me given how often I am filling the tank is to take advantage of rebate credit cards. In my case, I use a BP rewards card to receive a rebate and now that fuel has increased in price, my rebates will accumulate a little faster. About a month or two ago my wife started using the BP rewards card as well so our rebates are building much quicker now.

An additional tip that would save me the most money would be to try and spend more time working from home. While my boss is really flexible with my schedule, I still tend to work in the office most of the time. But if gas prices continue to increase, it will get to the point where the length of my commute will make it more difficult to justify the *face time* in the office.

What are you doing to try and reduce your fuel costs?

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