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Carnival of Money Stories :: 16th Edition

Welcome to the 16th Edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. For those new to this carnival, you can expect to see posts that have a personal story or experience related to saving, investing, finance, money management, money generating, business ventures, success and tales of struggle. There were 34 submissions for the Carnival this week, […] continue reading

Carnival of Money Stories :: Submit Your Entries

I’ll be hosting the 11th Edition of Carnival of Money Stories next week. This is a new carnival for me but when Andy asked if I was interested in hosting a future edition I jumped at the opportunity. If you are new to the Carnival of Money Stories or are thinking about submitting one of […] continue reading

Carnival of Debt Management – 5th Edition

The carnivals are picking up as my post on is included in the latest edition of the Carnival of Debt Management. As is usually the case with the personal finance carnivals, there are some great posts in this edition. I encourage you to spend some time reading through each post and making a habit of […] continue reading

Carnival of Credit Cards – 6th Edition

The latest Carnival of Credit Cards has been posted and includes my post about being careful with your credit cards. Be sure to check out the entire carnival but here are a few of my favorites: Paying Off 0% Card Living Almost Large talks about paying off their 0% credit card. It is very tempting […] continue reading

March Madness Finance Tournament

As you may remember, I had submitted a few of my posts to the March Madness Finance Tournament over at Free Money Finance and had made it into the 3rd round. Unfortunately, I ran up against some outstanding posts and did not make it through the 3rd round. It is still quite satisfying to see […] continue reading

First Net Worth Carnival

There is a new carnival that I have found and will likely become a regular participant in each month, The Networth Carnival hosted by makingourway My Net Worth. In an effort to track my progress towards my financial goals for 2007, I’ve been posting my net worth progress each month and find it is a […] continue reading

Free Money Finance March Madness – Round 3

Over at Free Money Finance, we are now in Round 3 of the March Madness Tournament and I still have two posts in contention for the crown! Tournament Recap. For anyone that may be new to the site, I am participating in a March Madness Finance Tournament where personal finance blogs are squared off with […] continue reading

Carnival of Personal Finance – 90th Edition

This week my post discussing Financial Accountability has been included in the Carnival of Personal Finance being hosted at Mapgirl’s Fiscal Challenge. My Favorites. Wow, there are so many quality posts in this carnival that I had a hard time pulling out a few of my favorites. It looks like Mapgirl had a fair amount […] continue reading

77th Carnival of Debt Reduction

This week my post discussing the I’m In Debt – MTV True Life episode has been included in the Carnival of Debt Reduction being hosted at Climbing Out of Debt. My Favorites. As usual, I like to read through the carnival submissions and highlight a few of my favorite posts that I think you will […] continue reading

FMF March Madness – Round 1

Free Money Finance has posted the first round of games in the March Madness tournament. Right out of the gates, my post about being honest with yourself is squared off against a podcast in Game One. Be sure to visit the FMF March Madness tournament and support my entries with your comments and feedback! continue reading

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