Monthly Archives: May 2007

Disappointed With Southwest Airlines

With two recent business trips completed to Atlanta and Orlando, I have had the opportunity to experience two different airlines within a few weeks of one another. The trip to Atlanta was with Delta Airlines and the trip to Orlando was with Southwest Airlines. The Good From the very beginning, my trip on Delta Airlines […] continue reading

Credit Cards Going Small

With growth in the consumer credit card business beginning to slow, many credit card companies are beginning to pay attention to small business owners. According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, credit card companies are aggressively pushing small business credit cards. Many small businesses make due with the use of personal credit cards, which […] continue reading

Monitor Your Financial Health

As a “Baby Boomer” I’ve had the opportunity to experience much of what our beautiful world has to offer, perhaps selfishly at times. However, unlike many in my generation who haven’t concerned themselves with taking care of their financial health, and haven’t concerned themselves until recently with how they are going to survive when they […] continue reading

Avoid The Clearance Aisle Trap

In our house, my wife is certainly the one with the “shopping bug” as she loves to shop and I am happy to avoid even setting foot into a store for as long as possible. Even though my wife does love to shop, I have to admit that she is very good about not spending […] continue reading

The Secret To Market Success

Do you know the secret to having success in the stock market? If you said that the secret is knowing which stocks will be the winning performers, you are wrong. The real secret is being able to recognize a losing trade and cut your losses early. Recently I read an article from about using […] continue reading

Learn To Negotiate On Common Expenses

You’re most likely familiar with the concept of negotiating on the price of large ticket items, such as your vehicles or even when you purchased your home. But how often do you try to negotiate on your more common expenses? Marshall Loeb’s daily money tip over at touches on the idea of negotiating common […] continue reading

Store Hopping For Grocery Shopping

With the landscape of grocery stores changing in our area, my wife and I have been discussing the idea of visiting different stores to take advantage of the best prices for various items. But that begs the question of how many stores is too many and when does chasing the dollar end up costing you […] continue reading

Laundering Money

Don’t worry – there is nothing illegal contained in the following post and if you arrived here hoping to find something illegal, I am sorry to disappoint you. For some time now our dryer has been squeaking like a son-of-a-gun and has also been chewing up clothes. It seems there was a spot above the […] continue reading

Try To Offset Increasing Gas Prices

With gas prices continuing to rise across the country and speculation that we may soon see upwards of $4.00 per gallon, one needs to look for any opportunity to try and offset the cost of gas. One of the easiest ways to offset the rising cost of gasoline is to use a rewards card for […] continue reading

Nickel And His Booby Prize

Since I have not yet met a person that does not appreciate winning free stuff, I have to bring your attention to a Blog Anniversary Contest that is being put on by FiveCentNickel. You’ll notice that I have a link to Nickel in my *Mo’ Money* section as I think his blog is one of […] continue reading