Monthly Archives: February 2007

Net Worth Update For February

As a means of tracking my progress towards my 2007 goals, I am going to be running this as an on-going series of posts. As a bit of background, here are the opening posts in the series: 2007 Financial Goals January 2007 Update Non-Mortgage Debt. There has not been much of an update in my […] continue reading

PayPal Money Market Fund

In a recent comment, Tech mentioned that PayPal was paying over 5% on their money market fund. In a nutshell, my response was to stay away from the PayPal account for a couple of reasons. Money Market Fund. The PayPal Money Market Fund is often discussed together with online savings accounts such as HSBCdirect, ING […] continue reading

Auto Mechanic Mistake

Last week I was ranting about Chevrolet after my wife took her vehicle to the dealer. After posting about my rant I was feeling better but that all changed last night when my wife came home from school. Are These Bolts Important? As a little bit of background, my wife had the car in at […] continue reading

FMF March Madness – Round 1

Free Money Finance has posted the first round of games in the March Madness tournament. Right out of the gates, my post about being honest with yourself is squared off against a podcast in Game One. Be sure to visit the FMF March Madness tournament and support my entries with your comments and feedback! continue reading

Celebrity Carnival of Personal Finance

This week my post on how to lower your taxes by saving has been included in the Carnival of Personal Finance being hosted at Binary Dollar. My Favorites. When a new carnival is released, I like to highlight a few of my favorite posts from the current round of submissions. It seems the quality of […] continue reading

I’m In Debt – MTV True Life

Last night my wife and I were flipping channels and we came across the show True Life on MTV. The focus of the show was on three young women that were in debt and how they were handling their debt. 1 out of 3. Of the three young women, only one of them seemed to […] continue reading

Financial Accountability

Humberto Cruz has written an interesting article that discusses the relationship between a lack of savings and your spending habits. He explains that many families do not have money to save due to their lifestyles of living above their means but are unwilling to make the effort to track their spending and save money. When […] continue reading

Careful With Those Cards

Last night I was lucky to avoid a costly mistake of not paying close enough attention while conducting a financial transaction. With a night of crummy weather ahead, we decided to have last night as our “eat-out” night and we ordered some Chinese food. After placing the order, I decided that I would head out […] continue reading

March Madness – Finance Style

For the basketball fans in the crowd, March Madness is one of the most exciting times of year as the college basketball teams compete for the NCAA championship. There is no doubt that many people will soon be spending time filling out brackets and hoping their selections make it to the *big dance*. Finance Style. […] continue reading

Sharing Link Love – 1st Edition

In an effort to try and duplicate some of the success John Chow has had with his Review My Blog promotion, I left a comment on a site earlier today mentioning that I would share the link love for a review of the site. Save Money. This first review comes from a site titled Save […] continue reading