Monthly Archives: September 2006

Student Loans – Good Debt or Bad?

It is quite common to hear discussions of certain types of debt as good debt or bad debt, with student loans often being classified as a “good” debt. There is an article on, Lesson for Students: The Best Debt is None, that indicates more and more students are finding out that student loans can […] continue reading

Online Bill Payment

Have you embraced paying your bills online or are you more old-fashioned with a preference for hand writing checks and mailing bills? Up until recently, I have always preferred to write out my checks and mail each bill. However, within the last year or so, I have started to pay more of my bills online. […] continue reading

Current Carnivals

As a new week begins, I am participating in a couple of blog carnivals.  Please take a moment to check out the current carnivals as there are some really great posts included this week: Carnival of Debt Reduction Carnival of Personal Finance Enjoy and please be sure to come back and share your thoughts on […] continue reading

Would You Like an Extra $200 Per Month?

Did you receive an income tax refund last year? According to the Principal Financial Well-Being Index, 84% of the workers surveyed were expecting a refund on their 2005 state or federal taxes. With the average American household carrying about $8000 in credit card debt, the average tax refund of approximately $2500 could eliminate over 30% […] continue reading

“How To…” Articles on Personal Finance and Family Life

Darren Rowse at ProBlogger just concluded the latest group writing project that is a collection of ‘How To…” posts and articles, which included my post on teaching your children how to save. Now that the writing project has concluded, I thought I would share a list of my favorite posts that relate to personal finance […] continue reading

Teaching Your Children How to Save

In many families, money is a taboo topic that is not to be discussed with the children. Unfortunately this results in many children growing up without learning the basics of personal finance until they have experienced a few hard lessons. In an effort to educate our kids about personal finance and the importance of saving […] continue reading

Carnival of Personal Finance

In the latest installment of the Carnival of Personal Finance, hosted by Free Money Finance, there are numerous tips and tricks related to personal finance, saving money and eliminating debt. Included in the carnival is my post on how to save $138 in ten minutes. Enjoy the carnival this week! continue reading

Being a Fool to Get Out of Debt

When I graduated from college, I found myself with substantial student loan payments and credit card debt from my days in school. While I knew that something had to be done to get rid of my debt, I didn’t really know what to do. As I surfed the web, I had come across the Motley […] continue reading

Living Without Cash

Have you ever wondered if the day will come when nobody will carry cash and purchases are made using only credit cards? While that might be a little unrealistic in the near future, it is possible to limit your use of cash by a considerable amount. Think about the situations where you may already function […] continue reading

How to Curb Impulse Buying

In most cases, impulse purchases are relatively inexpensive items that do not seem like a very big deal at the time. However, the amount spent on impulse buying will eventually become very substantial. When you take the time to look at the big picture, you may be shocked at how much you have really spent […] continue reading