Monthly Archives: January 2008

HSBC Direct Interest Rate Update :: 3.80% APY

While this should not come as any surprise due to the recent rate decrease by the Federal Reserve, HSBC Direct has officially adjusted their Online Savings Account interest rate to 3.80% APY. This is a far cry from the 6.00% APY that was being offered last year at this time on all new deposits but […] continue reading

More Stimulus For The Economy :: Tax Rebates

After the emergency rate cut from the Federal Reserve just days ago, there is news of additional efforts to stimulate the economy with an announcement of a new deal that will give most tax filers a refund of $600 to $1,200, and more for those with children. The $150 billion package would provide a rebate […] continue reading

Wasting No Time – ING Drops Rates

After the Federal Reserve cut short-term rates by 0.75 points on Tuesday, ING DIRECT wasted little time in adjusting their rates to reflect the recent rate cut. The interest rate on the ING DIRECT Orange Savings Account has been changed to 3.65% APY. In addition to the changes on the savings account, ING DIRECT has […] continue reading

10 Tips To Make Tax Season Easier

As the year 2007 came to a close, I took a day to close my financial books and prepare for the upcoming year. This involved the process of archiving the paperwork from 2007 and preparing my filing system for the new documents. As I prepared my filing system, I came across a list of tax […] continue reading

Net Worth Update: 2007 Recap

When 2007 started, we had defined two financial goals for our family. The first goal was to reduce our non-mortgage debt by 100% and the second goal was to increase our net worth by 35%. Throughout the year I provided monthly recap posts on the progress towards our goal and this post will highlight our […] continue reading