Monthly Archives: December 2006

Google Gadget for National Debt

As I mentioned in my post about a possible site redesign, sometimes I just need a new little project to energize me and get me back into the swing of things. Well, I just finished my first pass at such a project and you can see the results in the top-right corner of the main […] continue reading

Making the Choice to Be a Loser

Awhile back I wrote a post about being in debt and being overweight, where I discussed my thoughts that there is a link to being in debt and overweight in that the characteristics required to battle both issues are quite similar. In my life, I have had struggles with both issues as I have been […] continue reading

Site Redesign

Lately I have been thinking of changing up the look and feel of the website but I am not sure what to go with just yet.  The site is being run with WordPress, so I would be selecting a new template to use for the site. One template that I have taken a liking to […] continue reading

Holiday Exhaustion

Maybe it is the crazy hours at work or just the holiday season, but I have been feeling exhausted lately.  Unfortunately that means I haven’t been posting as much as I should because I am in bed shortly after arriving home from work. The nice thing is that I have some vacation time coming up […] continue reading

Stupid Investment of the Week

Over at, Chuck Jaffe has an article that identity theft insurance is his stupid investment of the week. To be honest with you, purchasing identity theft insurance is something that I have never really even thought of doing and the article explains a few reasons why this insurance is not the best choice in […] continue reading

3 Members of Kim Family Rescued

For those of you that may not have been following the story, James Kim, a CNet senior editor, and his family went missing over the Thanksgiving weekend and had not been seen or heard from.  On the evening news tonight, there was a story that Mrs. Kim and their two daughters have been found and […] continue reading

Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday

I’ve just placed an order at for the book Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday, as I think it will make a great read for my kids and has the added benefit of delivering a message that can have a lasting impact. While my children do fairly well with their ability to […] continue reading

Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage

Over at, John has a great post about why you should never pay by cash that you should be sure to check out. As John mentions in the article, this approach to spending does require that you are someone that lives below their means and pays the entire credit card balance in full each […] continue reading

Cost of a Sony PS3

While I am not a member of this crowd, if you are considering the purchase of a Sony Playstation 3 be sure to check out this very interesting article on what other things you can do with that money instead of purchasing the PS3. Mmm…300 BigMacs or 60 large cheese pizzas.  What is your favorite […] continue reading