Try To Offset Increasing Gas Prices

With gas prices continuing to rise across the country and speculation that we may soon see upwards of $4.00 per gallon, one needs to look for any opportunity to try and offset the cost of gas.

One of the easiest ways to offset the rising cost of gasoline is to use a rewards card for all of your gasoline purchases.

There are a few different varieties of gas reward cards available but one that I have really taken a liking to is the BP Visa Rewards card. This card offers a 5% reward on all gasoline purchases made at any BP station, which happens to be convenient for me with a BP station right near my house and one right near my office.

With the BP Visa card, you accumulate the reward until you reach a minimum of $25.00 and then have the option of receiving a check or BP gift card. The approach that I have taken is to wait until I accumulate $100 and then request a check in the full amount. The reason that I do not request the BP gift card is because I would then miss out on earning the reward on any gasoline purchased with the gift card as opposed to my rewards card.

As an added bonus the BP Visa card is currently paying up to a 10% reward for an introductory period, which we actually took advantage of when my wife transferred one of her existing cards over to the BP Visa card.

If you don’t already have a BP Visa card or any other gas reward card, check out a comparison of gas reward cards and sign up today to begin offsetting the cost of gasoline.

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6 Responses

  1. There are similar gas reward cards here in Singapore.

    I’m still not eligible to get a credit card here though.

    • mnc says:

      If you don’t mind my asking, what is preventing you from being eligible for a credit card? I really do not know too much about the credit process in other countries so I would be interested in hearing your feedback.

  2. Gary Brown says:

    My wife and I use a credit card for nearly all purchases to build air miles but I am beginning to agree that a card that can help with gas prices is likely more useful. I don’t remember any BP stations in the Phoenix metro area, however. I forwarded the gas card link to my wife 🙂

  3. Aimee says:

    I would also invest in a fuel effecient car. I just got my licence so I’m hoping my first car will be a hybrid.

    • mnc says:

      Congrats on your license! If you do go with a hybrid purely for fuel efficiency reasons, just be sure you are not paying too much of a premium to where it is no longer cost efficient in the long run.

  4. Daniel says:

    Yes, it’s crazy not to get a gas credit cards if you drive a car.

    The price is now above USD$1000 per barrel today.

    If you’re a loyal customer to a certain brand/pump, you can get the co-branded card.

    But if you are not choicy or unable to find a credit card for your favorite brand, then a generic card is equally good.

    The year-end accumulated savings may well be good enough for your Christmas party.

    But one important reminder is not to carry balance with the card. You should pay every month when it’s due. Gas rewards card tend to have higher interest rate when compare to a regular credit card.

    I found a great resource to compare for gas rewards card here:-

    What I like about this site is you can compare for credit cards in US, UK, Europe and even Australia.

    You can find the BP Citibank MasterCard issued by Citibank in Australia.

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