Monthly Archives: January 2007

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Cash Advance

Credit card companies are really good at marketing and enticing people to use their various product offers, including convenience checks and cash advances. However, as many of you already know, using a cash advance is often times a losing bet for the consumer. While it is possible to use your credit card to obtain cash, […] continue reading

HSBCDirect Account Update

Last night I started the process of opening an HSBCDirect Online Savings Account and things are progressing nicely. Trial Deposits. After completing the application last night, I had to wait for HSBCDirect to make two trial deposits to my primary checking account. When I arrived home from work tonight, I logged into my checking account […] continue reading

HSBCDirect 6.00% APY New Money Offer

As I previously discussed, I have had my emergency fund and savings at ING Direct even though I knew that I was losing money by not switching to HSBCDirect or EmigrantDirect. 6.00% APY Well, this afternoon I was balancing my checkbook and reviewing my various online accounts. Part of that process is that I check […] continue reading

Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator

In case you have run out of investment ideas, you might want to read the article at Yahoo! Personal Finance on what the Super Bowl can teach you about investing. Gains For Dow. According to the Super Bowl Stock Market Indicator, a victory by an old NFL team means that the Dow Jones Industrial Average […] continue reading

Penalized For Not Carrying Debt?

Over at there is an article discussing a recent Senate Banking Committee hearing that is examinging credit card practices. According to the article, one consumer advocate is proposing an idea that those who pay their credit card balances in full every month should pay a small annual fee. Deadbeats. If you are one of […] continue reading

50-Year Mortgage

Can you imagine paying your mortgage for 50 years? That is not something that I would ever consider, but there is an article over at discussing the availability of a 50-year mortgage. Apparently the 50-year mortgage is being offered by some lenders as an alternative to an interest-only mortgage. However, when you really look […] continue reading

Site Upgrade

As I have mentioned before, this website is being run with WordPress and I just completed an upgrade to the latest version. While I know that I should have done this later at night to avoid any potential problems with people viewing the site, I got the itch to just go ahead and do it. […] continue reading

Prepare For Tax Season

As January nears an end, tax season is starting to kick into high gear as the W2’s are mailed and the 1099’s start arriving. My tax situation is relatively straight-forward and I have always opted to do my own taxes. After using TurboTax the first few years out of college, I then switched to TaxCut […] continue reading

Inadvertent Spending Control

Over the last week or two, I have found myself with an inadvertent control on my spending. Unfortunately, that control has been a very busy work schedule but it made me realize that being busy can actually work to your financial gain. Eating My Money. When it comes to spending money, I really do not […] continue reading

American Express Balance Transfer Update

It has now been almost two months since I commented about my American Express balance transfer woes, so I thought that I would provide an update. Free Money Is Good. After getting the balance transfer finalized, I have had the money sitting in my ING Direct account. As stated earlier, I know that I should […] continue reading