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Secure Your Future With NewRetirement

While I would like to believe that the majority of the people in this country are actively planning and saving for their retirement years, unfortunately the numbers tell a different story. Whether you find yourself in the group that has a solid plan in place for your retirement years or the group that is scratching […] continue reading

Nickel And His Booby Prize

Since I have not yet met a person that does not appreciate winning free stuff, I have to bring your attention to a Blog Anniversary Contest that is being put on by FiveCentNickel. You’ll notice that I have a link to Nickel in my *Mo’ Money* section as I think his blog is one of […] continue reading

Thank You To Sponsors And Advertisers

As the month of April comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to give recognition and thanks to the sponsors and advertisers here at My New Choice. Your assistance helps keep this site running and I just want to try and repay the favor with an additional shout-out for each of you. […] continue reading

How To Improve Your FICO Score

One of the first posts that I made here at My New Choice was about the importance of payment history on your credit score. As a great follow-up to that post, you might enjoy a post from Kelly Cho on what you can do to improve your FICO score. Some of the highlights that you […] continue reading

Thank You To Sun’s Financial Diary

After making a recent update to a plugin used on my website, there was an error being generated that was only visible when viewing my RSS feed. Just as I discovered the error and began to look for a fix, I received an email from Sun over at The Sun’s Financial Diary alerting me of […] continue reading

Win A Microsoft Zune

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a Microsoft Zune but have just been too cheap to spend the money, you now have a chance to win a free Microsoft Zune courtesy of John Chow. In order to enter the contest, John is simply asking for you to write a blog post about the contest and […] continue reading

Lowdown on Debt Consolidation

When I started this blog, I was faced with a challenge of getting my name out there in front of people and trying to capture their attention with quality content. One tool that has been invaluable in that process is participating in Blog Carnivals and one that I have recently begun to participate in is […] continue reading

Taking a Look at MEGA Tech News

Since I have started this website, I have had the opportunity to *meet* quite a few new and interesting people. One of those people is Stephen Fung, who owns and operates a couple of different businesses including Futurelooks and MEGA Tech News. The other night I had an opportunity to have an email conversation with […] continue reading

Speedlinking – March 04, 2007

After being the beneficiary of having my posts linked to by a few other sites, I thought I would participate in a similar practice as I know how nice it feels to have one of your posts recognized by other bloggers. First, I would like to thank Saman at, Nick at and Stephen […] continue reading

Sharing Link Love – 1st Edition

In an effort to try and duplicate some of the success John Chow has had with his Review My Blog promotion, I left a comment on a site earlier today mentioning that I would share the link love for a review of the site. Save Money. This first review comes from a site titled Save […] continue reading