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Thank You To Sponsors And Advertisers

As the month of April comes to a close, I’d like to take a moment to give recognition and thanks to the sponsors and advertisers here at My New Choice. Your assistance helps keep this site running and I just want to try and repay the favor with an additional shout-out for each of you. […] continue reading

Alternative For Your eFund

Earlier in the year, I finally took the plunge and moved my emergency fund from ING over to a new account at HSBCdirect. The motivating factor for that switch was the 6.00% APY promotion that HSBC is running until the end of April. As the end of April is quickly approaching, I’ve been kicking around […] continue reading

The Good And Bad Of Shared Equity Financing

How many people do you know that have taken advantage of financial products such as interest-only mortgages, piggyback loans or option adjustable-rate mortgages in order to *afford* a more expensive home? Many of these options carry a considerable amount of risk and have been resulting in more people defaulting on their loans when the initial […] continue reading

Should You Time The Market Or Tie The Market?

One of the age old debates on many financial message boards is the idea behind timing the market as the basis for your investing strategy. While it seems that the majority of people are firmly against trying to time the market, there are proponents that can make a very compelling case for the potential behind […] continue reading

How To Improve Your FICO Score

One of the first posts that I made here at My New Choice was about the importance of payment history on your credit score. As a great follow-up to that post, you might enjoy a post from Kelly Cho on what you can do to improve your FICO score. Some of the highlights that you […] continue reading

Short Term CD vs. Online Savings Account

In the discussion on my post about the PayPal money market fund, Pakdamek posted a question about short-term CD options and asked for assistance. My recommendation was to review the current high yield rates for 6-month CDs at Bank Rate, but that Pakdamek might also want to consider an online savings account. 6-Month CD Looking […] continue reading

101 Ways To Save One Dollar Per Week

I’m the type of person that is always looking for different ways to save money, which is why I had to share with you the 101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week article over at CareOne Credit Counseling. At the beginning of the year, I put a challenge out to all of you to […] continue reading

Thank You To Sun’s Financial Diary

After making a recent update to a plugin used on my website, there was an error being generated that was only visible when viewing my RSS feed. Just as I discovered the error and began to look for a fix, I received an email from Sun over at The Sun’s Financial Diary alerting me of […] continue reading

Refund For State Farm Policyholders

Back in March, State Farm had announced that auto policyholders would be receiving a refund for the first time since 2000. When it is all said and done, State Farm will have paid out roughly $1.25 billion in dividends back to their auto customers. The average dividend will be about $35 per insured vehicle but […] continue reading

Save Money By Verifying Your Medical Bills

A couple of months ago, our son spent some time in the hospial and underwent numerous tests as the doctors attempted to diagnose the problems he was having. Fast forward to now and we are starting to get the bills from the hospital, laboratories, doctors and specialists. The pile of papers can become quite daunting, […] continue reading