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A Guide To ARM Mortgages

If you have taken the time to look into the different mortgage loans and mortgage rates that are available when buying a home, you will notice that there are just as many options as there are homes on the market. One of the more popular mortgages available these days is the ARM mortgage. What is […] continue reading

How To Pay For Home Improvements

Not too long ago, my wife and I were in the process of window shopping as our home was in dire need of window replacement. We received quite a few estimates and ultimately made our selection. Right now we are in the midst of the installation with a little more than half of the windows […] continue reading

True Cost Of A Bad Credit Score

Have you taken the time to investigate the true cost of having a bad credit score? Often times people believe that having a bad credit score will only result in less attractive credit card offers or slightly higher interest rates on their credit cards. However, having a poor credit score can impact you in many […] continue reading

How to Escape a High Interest Car Loan with Negative Equity

Stephen Snyder is the founder of the After Bankruptcy Foundation and author of the site Life After Bankruptcy. Check out Life After Bankruptcy for more articles, resources, and support to get your life back on track after bankruptcy. What do you do when you’re upside down on a car loan? Let’s assume that you have […] continue reading

The Good And Bad Of Shared Equity Financing

How many people do you know that have taken advantage of financial products such as interest-only mortgages, piggyback loans or option adjustable-rate mortgages in order to *afford* a more expensive home? Many of these options carry a considerable amount of risk and have been resulting in more people defaulting on their loans when the initial […] continue reading

50-Year Mortgage

Can you imagine paying your mortgage for 50 years? That is not something that I would ever consider, but there is an article over at discussing the availability of a 50-year mortgage. Apparently the 50-year mortgage is being offered by some lenders as an alternative to an interest-only mortgage. However, when you really look […] continue reading

Student Loans – Good Debt or Bad?

It is quite common to hear discussions of certain types of debt as good debt or bad debt, with student loans often being classified as a “good” debt. There is an article on, Lesson for Students: The Best Debt is None, that indicates more and more students are finding out that student loans can […] continue reading

Do Not Negotiate the Payment When Buying a Vehicle

One of the most costly mistakes that people make when purchasing a new vehicle is to negotiate on the amount of the loan payment. There is a reason that the first question asked by many car dealerships is what range you are looking at for a monthly payment, unfortunately that reason is not in your […] continue reading