Monthly Archives: November 2007

Open A Bank Account With $1 Million Bill

What is the largest denomination of money that you have ever seen? How about a $1 million dollar bill? I’m sure we would all love to have one or two of those, unfortunately there is no such thing as a $1 million dollar bill. But that didn’t stop a Georgia man from trying to open […] continue reading

Budget Boot Camp :: Back To Basics

It is always nice to know that you have money in your pocket during times of crisis and emergencies. Occasional recreational activities and buying luxury items that you want to purchase can add spice to your life. How can you possibly have the extra money yet also have a comfortable everyday living? This is what […] continue reading

Net Worth Update: October 2007

As a means of tracking my progress towards my 2007 goals, I am going to be running this as an on-going series of posts. As a bit of background, here are the opening posts in the series: September 2007 Update August 2007 Update July 2007 Update June 2007 Update May 2007 Update April 2007 Update […] continue reading