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When I posted about preparing for tax season about two months ago, I had every intention of getting started on my taxes for 2006.

However, as you might guess based on my post about how to procrastinate filing income taxes, I have yet to actually follow through and complete my taxes.

Start With the Software
Tonight I had decided that I would get started and order/download the software to begin working on my taxes. After checking the TaxCut website, I noticed that the price was now $24.95 for the Federal only option. This price seemed high to me so I began to browse around for a cheaper price.

As I expected, I found a cheaper price at and placed my order for the H&R Block Taxcut 2006 Premium Federal edition.

Living Below My Means
Not only is the software $8 cheaper at Amazon but it also comes with a $10 mail-in rebate to bring the total price down to $6.95 as opposed to $24.95 ordering direct through H&R Block. Unfortunately, I now have to wait for Amazon to actually ship me the product as opposed to the instant download by ordering direct but I think that is worth the savings of $18.

In order to take advantage of the free shipping option, I ordered a CD that my wife has on her birthday wish list. Now I just need to see how long Amazon actually takes to package my order and get it shipped out. One of my complaints with Amazon and their free shipping is that they seem to actually delay the processing of the order simply because I am not paying for the shipping. In my opinion, only the method of shipment should be impacted by the free option and not the actual time to process the order.

While I wait for the software to arrive, I will have the time to organize all of my paperwork and that should help expedite the process once I am ready to get started. Assuming of course that I have not found any other reasons to procrastinate filing my taxes!

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