Cutting an Expense

For quite a few years now, my wife has been cutting my hair and giving both of our children haircuts as well. While she has done this professionally, it is possible for just about anyone to give a decent haircut at home.

Saving Money.
In my estimation, we are saving at least $400 per year by having our hair cut at home. Even the cheaper options for a haircut are likely to run about $10 for men and children. On average, we each receive a haircut every 3-4 weeks so we are saving approximately $400-500 just on the cost of haircuts.

If we were paying to have this done, we might stretch it out a little further than 3-4 weeks but that is a schedule that has worked pretty well for us. In addition, I think the $10 price of a commercial haircut is on the conservative side so our true savings may be even more considerable.

Little Things Add Up.
You might be saying to yourself that there is no way that you are going to cut your own hair at home. That is fine and might not be an option for everyone. But the real lesson here is that the little things like this can add up to a significant amount of savings when looking at the big picture. I’ve never really taken the time to appreciate the fact that we have likely saved over $2000 in 5 years just by doing this routine task at home.

So if you are not up to the challenge of having your hair cut at home, what other routine tasks can you do yourself at home that will lead to large savings?

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