Window Shopping

When is the last time that you went window shopping? No, not that window shopping but actually shopping for windows. Today my wife and I started the process of accepting estimates for window replacement in our home.

Comparing Bids
Replacing the windows in your home is not a small task and requires thorough comparison shopping, not only for the quality of the windows but also the quality of the company doing the installation. The best window in the world isn’t worth much if it is not installed properly.

Today we had the first contractor come out and measure all of our windows and discuss some of the options with us. We’re going with a vinyl window so that certainly narrowed down the choices for us but there is still a wide variety to choose from with vinyl windows. This first contractor is a family-owned business that operates in our community and has been in business for 9 years. In addition to providing us written estimates on a few different window models, they will be supplying us with a list of references from the area.

Tomorrow we have another company coming out to give us an estimate but a third company declined because only my wife would be home. While I can understand that they want both parties to be present to limit the chance of a repeat visit, my wife is certainly capable of asking any necessary questions so the fact that they refused to come out if we are both not home is a big mark against them in my opinion.

Scope of Work
We have 19 windows and one sliding glass door to be replaced. For the windows, we are looking at 16 standard double-hung windows throughout most of the house. In the kitchen, we are thinking of going with an awning window over the sink as that will be easier to crank open for some fresh air. Likewise, we are considering an awning window in the master bathroom as opposed to the solid picture window that is there now. Above the garage we are planning to stick with the basic picture (non-opening) window.

With the number of windows we have to replace and the sliding door as well, I was expecting the worst as far as the cost to replace everything but the first contractor gave us a ballpark estimate before he has had a chance to get specific numbers and it wasn’t too bad.

If you have replaced the windows in your home, I would truly appreciate feedback on the brand of windows that you considered and ultimately purchased. In addition, any feedback on the cost of the windows and installation would be appreciated. The numbers will likely vary based on your location but it still helps to get a general comparison.

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