Having a bla.st

After reading about bla.st over at John Chow dot Com, I just had to head over there and create a card for the blog.

bla.st card

Boost Your bla.st
Given that I am cheap with my money, I opted to go with the free card (I like free) but the generous folks at bla.st have a current promotion where they will add value to your account simply by providing a link to their site or a review of the site (ahem, that is one reason why I am writing this post).

First Impressions.
After spending a couple of minutes to create an image for my card, I created my account and had my card configured and uploaded in just a few minutes. The site is very easy to use and navigate and seems pretty cool. It is nice right now without too many cards because I am getting pretty good listings without having to pay anything. Eventually, I will drop off the main pages as other people opt to pay for their cards and my cheapness will push me down the list.

One Flaw.
As I poked around, I seem to have found one flaw with the cards but I am not complaining. When editing your card options, you can assign your card to categories or tags. According to the instructions, you are limited to 10 categories/tags but the site seems to allow you to enter more. As I said, I am not complaining as it can be beneficial to be listed in more places but it does seem to be a flaw given the note on the site.

We’ll see what comes of having my bla.st card listed but it was fun to add it to the site and it didn’t cost me anything. Let me know if you add a card so I can check it out!

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2 Responses

  1. Tyler Ingram says:

    Oh I just recently signed up for a bla.st account too and have put my card up. In good faith I also paid for a $0.01/day placement which on the front page got me at like the 760th position or something but in other categories it got me at page number 1.

    I do like the idea and will try and follow where it goes if it continues to do well as a neat twist on online marketing.

  2. mnc says:

    @Tyler: It will be interesting to see where this can go. Right now I am averaging 2.5 click throughs per day. With my site being relatively new, I am happy to get any amount of increased traffic.

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