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Have you embraced paying your bills online or are you more old-fashioned with a preference for hand writing checks and mailing bills? Up until recently, I have always preferred to write out my checks and mail each bill.

However, within the last year or so, I have started to pay more of my bills online. However, I am not taking advantage of the online bill payment offered by my bank but the main reason is because they charge a monthly fee of $5.95. To be honest with you, I am just too cheap to pay $6 per month for the ability to pay my bills online.

Instead of using my bank’s services, I have been using in combination with paying bills through the company website, such as with my credit cards. This arrangement has been working quite well for me and has really reduced the number of bills that I pay manually, although there are still a few.

Maybe it is just that I enjoy it more now that I no longer have any consumer debt but it is still a habit of mine to manually balance my checkbook on a weekly basis. What about you? Do you pay your bills manually or online? If you pay online, do you use a bill payment service through your bank or do you prefer to schedule payments with each company individually?

While I know there are plenty of banks and credit unions that offer free bill payment, I have not been compelled to change banks at this time. However, if I see an overwhelming response from you that using a bill payment service is the best choice, I may have to reconsider.

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2 Responses

  1. I do use bill pay through my banks both in the USA and Canada. I love it. The ease of it, is great.

  2. mnc says:

    Have you run into any problems with your bank not making the payments on time? For some reason, I seem to prefer the company “pulling” the payment from their end rather than me “pushing” the payment from my bank.

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