Facelift for My New Choice

Today I spent some time and re-worked the look and feel of My New Choice, hopefully you will find it a little more pleasing. While I liked the old layout, I think it felt a little too crowded and the content area was not large enough. With this new layout, I have removed one of the smaller columns to the side of the content to try and open things up a bit more.

As mentioned in a previous post, I have become an avid reader of JohnChow.com and have commented that I like the WordPress theme in use on John’s site. The theme is one of the more popular downloads from the assortment of WordPress themes and is titled Misty Look.

Not wanting to mimic John’s site too closely, I spent some time playing with the CSS and layout to change things up a little bit. There is really only so much that can be changed without completely rewriting the theme so there are still quite a few similarities. Hopefully John, as well as others using this theme, don’t mind one more site.

The header image was something that I had created earlier for a different website but felt it could be used here. In my opinion, it lends itself well to the idea of being focused on learning how to manage finances and eliminate debt to become financially independent and retired early. As in the image, that process can often imitate the process a child takes to learn how to read or write. Sometimes it may feel like you don’t know what you are doing and everything just looks like a bunch of scribbles.

Hopefully this site will help provide you information to help make sense of those scribbles and provide you with some useful pieces of information as you take the journey towards FIRE.

With all of that said, please share your thoughts on the new layout/look of the website.

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4 Responses

  1. Allen.H says:

    The blog looks much better now, especially the sidebar sections way of look.


  2. mnc says:

    Allen, thanks for the comment on the changes. The centerbar and sidebar were just too much before and I think this is a little cleaner and more streamlined.

    I like your site as well and noticed that you had a very nice month in December! Congrats to you on that and keep up the good work, hopefully I will be there some day soon as well.

  3. Tyler Ingram says:

    I do like what you’ve done to the place.

    I’ve noticed a few people like this theme. It’s easy on the eyes and finding information on it is easier too.

    Nice job!

  4. mnc says:

    Tyler, thanks for the feedback. The reviews have been positive from other people as well so I am glad I decided to make the change.

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