Carnival of Money Stories :: Submit Your Entries

I’ll be hosting the 11th Edition of Carnival of Money Stories next week. This is a new carnival for me but when Andy asked if I was interested in hosting a future edition I jumped at the opportunity.

If you are new to the Carnival of Money Stories or are thinking about submitting one of your posts, here is a little background on the type of post that we are looking for:

Here in CoMS we talk about personal experiences or the experiences of others on saving, investing, finance, money management, money generating, business ventures, success and tales of struggle. We would love to hear how you are handling your financial and business challenges as well as your opinions on money news and stories you come across.

To get a flavor for the type of posts you can expect, be sure to check out the current edition of the carnival that is being hosted over at Retire Young and Wealthy.

Please submit your story now to be considered for this edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. Deadline for submissions will be July 1st.

I’m looking forward to hosting the carnival and hope to see some great stories from everyone!

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