Thank You To Sun’s Financial Diary

After making a recent update to a plugin used on my website, there was an error being generated that was only visible when viewing my RSS feed.

Just as I discovered the error and began to look for a fix, I received an email from Sun over at The Sun’s Financial Diary alerting me of the error and also taking the time to provide a suggested fix for the problem.

The fact that Sun took the time out to notify me of this problem and suggest a fix deserves some recognition. In the event that you are not familar with Sun, you might want to start by reading his post titled A Couple of Things You May Not Know About Me. Take some time to explore The Sun’s Financial Diary and I am sure you will be coming back for more!

Sun, I appreciate you taking a few moments to help me out!

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2 Responses

  1. Sun says:

    MNC, this is a lot! I didn’t expect such big reward at all. I just happened to see your feed while going through posts on pfblogs. If I didn’t have exactly the same problem, I probably wouldn’t notice it. Fixing the problem isn’t difficult and I am sure you can fix it yourself easily, :))

    • mnc says:

      Sun, no problem at all. Your timing was perfect as I was just starting to look at the problem and you saved me some time, so I thought the least I could do was share some link love.

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