Extension On Tax Deadline

When I arrived home from work earlier tonight, my shipment from Amazon containing my copy of TaxCut Premium had arrived. As sick and twisted as it might sound, I could not wait to install the software and get started on my return. Sounds like a fun and exciting Friday night, no? 🙂

After putting the kids to bed, I sat down at the PC and began the installation of the TaxCut software and also installed the copy of DeductionPro 2006 that was included. With the software installed, I decided to go ahead and get started on my return and pulled out my files to begin the process.

Given that I used TaxCut for my 2005 tax return as well, I was able to import most of my data and make basic revisions where necessary. When I got to the section for charitable donations, I decided to fire up DeductionPro and give that a try. After poking around for a few minutes, I have to admit that I prefer to enter the data directly in TaxCut rather than using DeductionPro and then importing that data into TaxCut.

Needless to say, I have completed my return and submitted the initial copy for approval. Once I receive the notification via email, I will be able to close out my return for 2006 and wait for the direct deposit of my minimal refund. Another tax return has been submitted and I have to applaud H&R Block for continuing to put out a fantastic product. Since switching over from TurboTax, I have been very pleased with the quality of the interview and ease of use with TaxCut.

So you may be wondering where the extension on the tax deadline comes into play? Well, the extension has nothing to do with my personal tax return but is related to my offer for the free copy of TaxCut Premium. Originally I had scheduled the contest to run until 11:59PM CST on Friday the 6th.

Apparently I am the only procrastinator as I haven’t received any entries from people that are still in need of tax software. That is unfortunate because a free copy of TaxCut Premium + State + eFile is a great value. To be honest, I am wishing that I had used it myself instead of paying for the software and eFile on my own. If you are still holding out on your tax return, take a look at the rules of the contest and submit your entry now!

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