Inadvertent Spending Control

Over the last week or two, I have found myself with an inadvertent control on my spending. Unfortunately, that control has been a very busy work schedule but it made me realize that being busy can actually work to your financial gain.

Eating My Money.
When it comes to spending money, I really do not buy too many things and can easily go months without any purchases other than standard groceries and toiletries. However, the one area that I do tend to spend money is on meals at work. In a typical week, I will usually go out for lunch with colleagues at least two or three times. If you estimate that lunch will usually run anywhere from $5-10 per meal, that certainly adds up over time.

Spending Control.
As I noted at the beginning, my work schedule has been very busy for the last couple of weeks and I have found this has resulted in an inadvertent control on my spending. Due to my schedule, I find myself skipping the lunch out at a restaurant and instead have been going through the box of oatmeal in my desk and the cans of soup I keep at work.

The money that I spend on lunch is a planned expense and is something that I account for in my budget. However, it is a refreshing feeling to go through the week without spending a dime on eating out over lunch. If you are struggling with debt, bringing your lunch to work can really be an area to save money and I would urge you to try it out even if your work schedule gives you the time to enjoy a lunch out.

Idle Hands.
My hope is that my work schedule will return to normal in the next few weeks but this realization has demonstrated that keeping busy can prevent you from other habits. For some people, idle time will soon be consumed with shopping trips or other means of spending money. In a similar fashion, some people aren’t tempted by spending but may find themselves eating when they have idle time. As a double whammy, I see my idle time at work being spent combining the two and spending money on meals out with colleagues.

If you recall my thoughts on being in debt and overweight, I think having something to consume idle time can benefit you in many ways. While an intense work schedule isn’t ideal, I think it would be very reasonable to pick up a hobby or activity that can consume some of your time.

Have you ever found yourself with some form of inadvertent spending control? Did it have any longterm effects on your financial situation?

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