HSBCDirect Account Update

Last night I started the process of opening an HSBCDirect Online Savings Account and things are progressing nicely.

Trial Deposits.
After completing the application last night, I had to wait for HSBCDirect to make two trial deposits to my primary checking account. When I arrived home from work tonight, I logged into my checking account and noticed that the two trial deposits had already been made to my account. The next step in the application process is to return to the HSBCDirect website and verify the trial deposits.

After accessing my saved application on their website, I entered the two amounts of the trial deposits. If you are opening a new account, be very careful in this process because if you enter the wrong amount you will be required to mail a check to HSBCDirect to verify your account and make your initial deposit.

First Deposit.
Once I had verified my trial deposits, I received a message that my opening deposit would be processed and that I would receive an email confirmation when that had been processed. To my surprise, it was only about 45 minutes later that I received the email message indicating that my opening deposit had been processed.

So far things are progressing along smoothly and the account application process has been very easy and things are being completed in a timely fashion.

One Problem.
The only problem that I have right now is that I have yet to receive my username and password to actually access my account. According to the FAQ at HSBCDirect, new customers should receive the username via email and the initial password via the U.S. Mail within 4-6 business days.

While the process of opening the account has been quite timely, I am now having to wait to actually access my account and review the website and get started with the creation of my new automatic savings plan. Hopefully my username and password will arrive shortly so I can provide a review of the site.

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  1. February 3, 2007

    […] has been a few days since I posted about my HSBCdirect account update and I am now happy to report that I have received my temporary username and […]

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