Site Redesign

Lately I have been thinking of changing up the look and feel of the website but I am not sure what to go with just yet.  The site is being run with WordPress, so I would be selecting a new template to use for the site.

One template that I have taken a liking to and have been thinking of using can be seen on sites like and Profitable Adsense.  The template on those sites just feels a little more open and clean.  Right now I am continuing to search through the WordPress templates to see if there is anything else I like right now.

At this point, I do not plan on trying to make my own custom WordPress theme in part for reasons related to my last post about the lack of time and feelings of exhaustion.  But sometimes a new project is just what it takes to get me motivated again.  We’ll see…maybe my upcoming vacation time will be spent tweaking the layout of the site.

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