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AGLOCO - Own the InternetMore and more websites that I visit have been discussing the latest venture in being paid to surf the web, AGLOCO. Some of you may remember the first time this was attempted under the name AllAdvantage. At the time, I had tried it out but never really took it seriously. However, I have read numerous stories of people that made a little pocket money with the service.

One of the problems that sunk AllAdvantage was that they were paying out more to members than they were receiving from their revenue streams. Clearly that is not a plan for long-term success. With AGLOCO, it sounds like some of these potential pitfalls are being accounted for as they plan to release payment in both cash and shares of the company.

So as I have read more and more about this service, I have opted to go ahead and sign up to see if anything comes of the opportunity. There really isn’t anything to lose as the service is completely free for members. IMO, I would much rather take the chance and realize it never amounts to anything than to always wonder what might have been if this becomes the next big money maker.

If you haven’t heard of AGLOCO yet, basically it is a service where you sign up and download a Viewbar. The Viewbar is displayed at the bottom of your screen and displays advertisements, RSS feeds, privacy protection, spyware and phishing protection and more. As you actively browse the web, you are paid for the time spent surfing up to 5 hours per month. In addition, the people you refer (and the people they refer) also earn you money, up to four levels past your direct referrals.

That may sound like a pyramid scheme to some of you but there is absolutely no expense incurred to be a part of this community and service. Basically, it is along the lines of Google Adsense where AGLOCO is paid by companies to direct their advertisements to a targeted audience. AGLOCO then turns around and shares that money with their members.

So what are you waiting for, go sign up for the service now and share in the wealth!

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