Amazon Gift Certificates

Looking for a last minute gift for a colleague, friend or family member? Do you have someone on your list that you don’t know what to get them? Gift Certificates (aff) are always the perfect gift, redeemable for millions of items on the Web site. They can be sent via email, an e-card or on paper through the mail.

Over the last few years, I have had numerous gift certificates and was lucky to be part of an online community that provided monthly gift certificates. It was nice to build up a balance and be able to splurge on a few new books, an Xbox game or a few CDs every now and then.

My gift certificate balance is currently down to $0 but hopefully I will receive one as a gift this holiday season, as there a few new books that I have had my eye on recently.

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2 Responses

  1. I also received email from ebay regarding gift certificates. Actually I am still new in amazon.What is the fuction of amazon gift certificate.

  2. mnc says:

    The function of Amazon Gift Certificates are much like a gift certificate for any brick-and-mortar store. It gives you the right to purchase any product up to the value of the gift certificate.

    The gift certificates are ideal if you don’t know the specific tastes of someone. Buying books, CDs, movies, etc is usually very specific to the individual. Rather than try to guess at something the person will like, you can purchase a gift certificate for $x.xx and then the person can buy whatever they want.

    Does that make sense?

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