Carnival of Credit Cards – 6th Edition

The latest Carnival of Credit Cards has been posted and includes my post about being careful with your credit cards. Be sure to check out the entire carnival but here are a few of my favorites:

Paying Off 0% Card
Living Almost Large talks about paying off their 0% credit card. It is very tempting to use the 0% offers to earn interest but as Living Almost Large mentions, it is certainly not for everyone. While I have done it in the past and am doing it again right now, I caution anyone thinking about it to really take the time to understand the process.

Little Known Facts
The Free Geek shares 12 Little Known Facts Every Cardholder Should Know. This is a quality list of facts and tips that everyone should understand if you are using credit cards.

Credit Card Secrets
Continuing with the list of facts and tips, Getting Green writes about 10 Facts the Credit Card Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know. There are a few generalizations that I don’t agree with regarding the use of credit cards but still a quality read.

Making Money With Credit Cards
To counter Getting Green’s comment that credit cards only serve one purpose, you should check out the post from Nickel about How to Profit from 0% Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers. As someone that has done this before, I think Nickel offers a very good overview on the process and things to watch out for if you want to play the game.

Enjoy the carnival!

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