OfficeMax Under Fire

For those that might not have heard about this yet, apparently OfficeMax had a Verbatim 4GB USB Flash Drive advertised on their website for $17.98. Obviously that is a great price and people were lining up to place their orders, with some reports of people buying them in the store for that price.

For most of those that ordered online, they were later greeted with an email response from OfficeMax indicating the following:

This is to advise you that item 21168308 – Verbatim 4GB USB Drive has been canceled from your order due to an inadvertent typographical pricing error on our website. According to the Terms of Use on, OfficeMax does not have to honor a price that is a typographical error. We apologize for the inconvenience.

I’ve talked to a few people that had placed orders which were subsequently canceled, some after they had already received an email confirmation that their order had been shipped.

It will be interesting to see how this action by OfficeMax impacts their business, as it sounds like there are quite a few people upset with this and looking into any possible legal action (which I don’t believe there will be). It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds.

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2 Responses

  1. Tyler says:

    Something similar to Dell happened a while back. They had their Axims on their website for $199 when they normally sold for $499.

    Alot of people were able to get it at the ridicular price but eventually Dell changed their policy and send out emails saying that due to pricing issues orders were canceled. Or something to that extent anyway. My order for 2 of them was canceled but a buddy of mine was able to pick up 2 😉

  2. mnc says:

    Tyler, hopefully your buddy shared the wealth with you! I’ve seen this happen a few other times myself and typically the store reverts the price to the correct price and does not honor the incorrect price.

    But if you happen to hit the store or website at just the right time, you may get lucky once in awhile.

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