Free Help to Get Out of Debt

The primary goal of this site is to provide people with the knowledge to eliminate all forms of consumer debt in order to achieve financial independence. While some people might be inclined to charge people for advice on how to eliminate debt, this resource will provide free help to get out of debt. Once you have walked a mile in the shoes of a person in debt, one can appreciate the desire to share that information with others and help provide for a brighter future.

Are you currently in debt? Do you feel lost at times and are not sure what course of action you should be taking? Are you confused with your credit card terms? If you are struggling to get yourself out of debt, please reference the recent article on the snowball method to eliminate credit card debt.

As you utilize the information within this site, please do not hesitate to contact us if there are any questions or there is a particular topic that you would like to see addressed. In addition, as an added benefit to our visitors, My New Choice would like to extend the offer of a free sample debt reduction strategy to the first 10 people that contact us for free help to get out of debt.

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