Halloween Carnival

Technically, the current edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction was posted yesterday but I am posting about it now so it is the Halloween Carnival. Check out the latest edition, hosted at My Money Forest.

There are some nice posts this week, including:

  • Money Under 30 writes about Two Radical Ways to Spend Less: Giving up TV is a really good idea as it can save a considerable amount of money and open the door to so many other rewarding activities. (But I am a sports nut and am not about to give up TV just yet, but could if I need to reduce costs.)
  • Worldwide Success writes about How Much Should You Save?: Provides some very nice ideas with a sample budget for a family of four and some potential budget tweaks to provide a boost to your savings.
  • Christine Kane writes about Don’t GET Rich Quick. BE Rich Quick: Some very interesting points that provide some perspective on how to appreciate the richness we already have in our lives. One of my favorite points is Be Silent, as I will often drive in complete silence to/from work or just sit in the evening with no distractions and enjoy the moment.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the articles in the current carnival, as there are some good ones this week.

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