Top 5 Firefox Extensions To Help You Save Money In 2008

Shopping online presents a great opportunity for good deals and comparison shopping, but it can often be time consuming and confusing.

Fortunately, there are simple Firefox add-ons that can make your online shopping experience a little easier.

Whether you want to know where to get the best deals on electronics, compare prices, or limit the amount of time you’re allowed to spend shopping, there’s an add-on out there for you.

Check out these five extensions that were designed for frugal online shoppers like you.

1. Pronto Shopping Messenger – This add-on is a great way to effortlessly comparison shop online. Pronto draws from over 60,000 merchants to look for the best price on millions of items sold online. Moreover, downloading the add-on can also provide you with exclusive coupons.

2. Biet-O-Zilla – Biet-O-Zilla is a must for every eBay addict. It links to your eBay account to let you make last minute bids even if you’re not on the eBay site. You’ll also be able to easily track your watched items.

3. Buy It Online – Buy It Online uses Google Product Search to help you find the best bargains on the web. If you see something you’d like on a website, but aren’t sure where you can pick it up online, simply highlight the product name, and the add-on will generate a list of sites that offer the product.

4. Ultimate Pricechecker – Ultimate Pricechecker is a utility that goes through the namesake website to find the best prices on any item you’re interested in, drawing results from eBay, Amazon,, and The utility will open a new tab for each site, giving you the price of what you’d like to purchase at hundreds of stores so you know you are getting the best deal out there.

5. FareFirst – FareFirst is an important tool for getting the cheapest rates for online travel. You simply select the type of flight you’re interested in, and FareFirst can help you monitor the prices for these flights. Fares are updated regularly and are subject to a rating system. The more stars a flight has, the better the deal you’re getting.

About the Guest Blogger:

Heather Johnson is a freelance business, finance and credit writer, as well as a regular contributor for a site for comparing business credit card offers. She welcomes questions, comments, and freelancing job inquiries at her email address

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4 Responses

  1. Dawn says:

    Is Pronto and the ultimate pricechecker more or less a duplicate?

    • mnc says:

      While this was a guest post and I don’t have personal experience with these add-ons, I do believe that Pronto and Ultimate Pricechecker are quite similar.

      The difference may lie in the sources that are checked for product prices.

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the great post. I am the creator of the Ultimate Pricechecker.

    I would love to get your feedback on the new pricechecker extension we created – which helps you both price protect items (we’ve made it easier to use and find coupon codes more easily:

    You can also now use the stand alone pricechecker (no download required), here:

    Any and all comments are welcome. Both products need a lot of work, but definitely appreciate the help of fellow savers.

    All the best,

  3. Heather says:

    It’s good to see that people are talking about this post. We always appreciate comments. MNC rightly said, Pronto and the ultimate Pricechecker are quite similar.

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