101 Ways To Save One Dollar Per Week

I’m the type of person that is always looking for different ways to save money, which is why I had to share with you the 101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week article over at CareOne Credit Counseling.

At the beginning of the year, I put a challenge out to all of you to start an automatic savings plan with at least $1 per week. If you’ve been procrastinating on that challenge, read through the 101 ways to save and pick out at least one so you can start that automatic savings plan.

As I like to do, I thought I would share a few of the ways to save that I particularly enjoyed or have been implementing myself.

  • Use low energy light bulbs: Over the last few weeks I’ve been giving serious thought to buying compact fluorescent lightbulbs for use in our home. Not only do the bulbs last longer but they use less energy as well. From what I have read, you can expect to save about $30 per CFL versus a standard bulb over the lifetime of the CFL.
  • Downgrade your phone services: We had first made the change to VoIP and that had saved us a considerable amount per month over our landline phone service. As the taxes began to increase with our VoIP service, I’ve since dropped them and we have gone with a full cellular approach. We did have an overage charge last month but that was due to a few unusual circumstances and we have been very happy with the decision and the savings.
  • Keep air in your tires: This doesn’t seem like such an important tip but properly inflated tires will improve your gas mileage. With the price of gasoline continuing to increase, any little bit can help you save money at the pump.
  • Have a game night: It might sound a little old-fashioned but some of the most enjoyable nights we have had is when we have friends and neighbors over for a game night. Make a few homemade pizzas and enjoy a night with friends, you’ll be amazed how competitive it can get! Best of all, you save money in the process.
  • Catch a matinee: We don’t go to the movie theatre very often but when we do, we go to a matinee. As a family of four, seeing a movie at peak times can become quite expensive. With the matinee, you can save a considerable amount on the cost and an added benefit is that the theatre is typically much less crowded.

Now that I have shared a few of my favorite ways to save, what are your favorites?

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7 Responses

  1. Emile says:

    Would have been nicer if you actually placed a link to the 101 ways you’re talking about;-)

  2. Some very interesting and creative tips. My dad has been a big pusher on the low energy lightbulbs so I’ve replaced all of mine in the house. I’ll have to remember the air in the tires trick though. Thanks

    • mnc says:

      Have you had any noticeable reduction in your energy costs as a result of switching to low-energy bulbs? I’ve yet to take the plunge on this myself so I would appreciate any feedback.

  3. green says:

    Nice suggestions, in my city we have lighting problems with city voltage is very low. This saves us. But crashes my eye at nights.

  4. Gary Brown says:

    My wife also has a great way to save money, one that has actually paid for a couple vacations. Whenever we make any purchase via check or debit card she rounds up the amount purchased.
    If the purchase is for $12.35 she rounds up to $13. It doesn’t sound like much though we were surprised at the rate in which extra money built up.

  1. April 16, 2007

    […] Care One has written on 101 Ways to Save One Dollar a Week. I found this via my friend at My New Choice. […]

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