How To Get Paid To Surf

Awhile back I talked about finding sources of passive income to help earn more money to expedite debt repayment. While not a true source of passive income, there is a way to get paid to do something you likely do every day for free right now.

AGLOCO - Own the InternetYou’ve likely heard of AGLOCO by now and many of you have probably already signed up for the service. But for those that have not, basically this is an opportunity for you to get paid for your time spent surfing the web. If you are anything like me, you spend a fair amount of time surfing the web in an effort to learn new skills, keep informed of current news and events as well as to just have a little fun playing games or whatever.

Why are you doing that for free when you can be paid to do exactly the same thing? I’d be interested in hearing any answers to that question because I really cannot find one. Which is why I have signed up for AGLOCO and am eagerly awaiting the launch of their Viewbar.

The Viewbar is the key to the AGLOCO service. The Viewbar is a small toolbar that will reside at the bottom of your screen and will deliver messages, provide search capabilities and offer anti-fraud and other software utilities. For those that have not taken the time to review the AGLOCO materials, one common concern is whether the Viewbar is spyware. If you find yourself asking that question, I’d like to know if you have the Google Toolbar (or Yahoo! Toolbar, Alexa, etc.) installed right now?

The AGLOCO Viewbar is essentially no different than these other toolbars, it is just from a different company. The beauty of the Viewbar is that you will be compensated for the time you spend surfing the web. Since this is an activity you are already doing, this is darn near close to a source of passive income.

Pyramid Scheme?
Another common question that I have seen is that this sounds like a pyramid scheme. Based on the concept that you earn more money for each person you refer to AGLOCO and even more for each person those people refer, it does sound like a pyramid scheme. The key difference is that AGLOCO requires absolutely no investment on your part. The Viewbar is free and the service is free, yet you still earn money. Even if you do not sign up a single person, you will still earn money for your time spent surfing without having to make any investment.

So what are you waiting for? Go sign up for the service and then share it with your friends and family to build your network.

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2 Responses

  1. Do you remember all the paid 2 curf programs back 5- 8 years ago? They were all over the place. I think I even got a few checks.

  2. mnc says:

    @MoreMerchant – The one I remember was AllAdvantage, which I had signed up for but never really made anything. But to be fair, I didn’t really try either. I have read stories about people making money before it went under though, which is why I got on board with AGLOCO this time around.

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