Bar None: The BEST Money-Making Degrees

You want to maximize your time in college, of course, but you also want to make sure that once you finally get out, you’ll be able to find a job in your career area of interest.

In order to find the most lucrative, well-paying job, you need to start by pursuing the best possible degrees while you’re in college. This will ensure that you will not only have a job, but a good one to boot. Here is a list of the best money-making degrees that you can pursue for big money.

Degree in Medicine

  • Average Salary: $145,000 – $151,000
  • Medical degree holders include doctors, surgeons, nurses and healthcare administrators. The medical field is in high demand of skilled, qualified and well-educated medical personnel. Entry-level physician assistants and healthcare workers with degrees can climb the ranks very quickly.

Degree in Anesthesiology

  • Average Salary: $ 290,000 – $393,000
  • The anesthesiologist keeps the patient alive during surgery while the surgeon performs the operation. Their main job is to keep the patient alive by making sure that they’re asleep during surgery. They also administer medications to ensure that the patient is pain-free and comfortable after surgery.

Degree in Law

  • Average Salary: $102,000 – $125,000
  • Law school will prepare you for a career in corporate law, private law, or you may even find yourself in mitigating law where you argue your case to a jury. The salary can command an even higher check in practices where there is an opportunity to become one of the managing partners of a law firm.

Degree in Pharmacy

  • Average Salary: $ 94,520 – $148,987
  • Pharmacists work for retail drugstores, mental health centers, private physician offices and nursing homes. The degree in this area pursues some of the same subjects as medical students do, including biology, physiology and math subjects.

Degree in Education Administration

  • Average Salary: $79,780 – $100,403
  • This field is full of teachers and educational administrators, and the average salary is only for those with a four-year basic educational degree. With advanced degrees like a masters or doctorate, academic students can expect to make significantly more, especially if they work in the private school sector.

Degree in Construction Management

  • Average Salary: $73,700 – $110,650
  • In the construction industry, there is a high demand for management personnel, and your services can either go to the highest bidder, or to manage a bevy of projects for specialty clients. Construction managers are also found working as general contractors, either for larger construction companies or as self-employed business owners.

Degree in Dentistry

  • Average Salary: $132,140 – $135,360
  • Dentists in private practice make a handsome salary in a stable industry. They can also customize their practices to concentrate in pediatric, geriatric dentistry or in cosmetic dentistry where the income is even more lucrative.


By carefully choosing your degree that promises a healthy salary, you can forget worrying about those questions that plague some people’s minds: How much will I make? Is this enough for me to live on? How will I pay off my loan?

With these degrees, you’ll be able to write your own check, straight to the top and to the bank!

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