Christmas Classics at My New Choice

With the Christmas holiday quickly approaching, I’ve noticed that a number of previous posts here at My New Choice are still quite popular with visitors to the site. As you’re finishing your holiday shopping and wrapping presents for your loved ones, take a moment to read these popular posts:

  • Do you tip contractors?

    The subject of tipping is always popular during the holidays as the question of protocol comes into play with a number of people: mailman, newspaper delivery man or woman, and hair stylists. When my wife and I were having work done on our house, we wondered what the protocol was for tipping contractors. Check out the discussion in the comments too.

  • Another contractor going home with no tip

    After making our decision on whether or not to tip the contractor, we looked at why so many people feel the inclination to tip people and came up with a general set of rules. But could it really be that simple? How does this approach differ from how you handle who to tip and who not to tip?

  • How shopping online has changed the way we shop

    How much of your holiday shopping was done online versus visiting brick-and-mortar stores? In our household, my wife did the majority of her shopping in the stores while I did most of my shopping online. While some people prefer the physical act of visiting the stores and fighting the crowds, there are a number of benefits that can be realized by shopping online. Which of these benefits have you found in your shopping?

  • How to handle a financial windfall

    Most people would welcome the opportunity to have a pile of cash dropped in their lap, but are they truly prepared to handle the financial windfall? Too many people are completely unprepared and ultimately end up exhausting the money on little purchases here and there. Here are a few sound principles to remember should you find yourself with an influx of money this holiday season.

Here is to hoping that you find the above posts to be helpful, or at least mildly interesting, during the holidays and that you have a happy holiday season with your family and friends!

As the new year approaches, remember to make the new choice to manage your finances to become debt free, financially independent and retired early!

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