Chevrolet Rant

It is time to blow off a little steam and express my complete disappointment with our Chevrolet vehicle. We own a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer and have experienced nothing but problems with this vehicle. As a comparison, we have owned two other vehicles that have been foreign made and have not had to do anything other than routine maintenance.

Comedy of Problems.
We purchased this vehicle brand new at the end of 2002. Since that time we have experienced problems ranging from no air conditioning to a bad windshield wiper motor to numerous recalls on the same brake light. In addition, we have had problems with the passenger door latches, gaskets on the rear gate, rear windshield wiper malfunction, engine ignition module (which left us stranded) and overheating DVD player that was a factory installed option.

Latest Problems.
Now we are experiencing more problems and the Chevrolet dealer is indicating that these will not be covered under their warranty. As I am sure you will not be surprised, our rear brake light was out again. This is a part we have received two recalls on yet they charged us for the repair today because it was already fixed under the recall. Excuse me?!?! This is a part that has had two recalls in the four years we have owned the vehicle. Something tells me that they aren’t fixing it properly in the first place.

In addition to the brake light, the rear windshield wiper is not functioning properly anymore. Again, this is a part we have had fixed once already by the *top-notch* mechanics at Chevrolet. While the wiper itself still works, it no longer dispenses washer fluid to the rear window. After hearing that they wanted to charge us $100 to repair a part that has already been replaced once, we declined their offer.

As if that were not enough, the rear radio and thermostat controls in the rear console no longer work at all. Yet again this is a part not covered by the warranty and came with an estimated repair of over $300. Umm, yeah, I’ll pass for the time being and the kids will have to learn that they can no longer control their own temperature or radio stations.

American Disappointment.
While I don’t think all American made cars are this problematic, we have never experienced this degree of problems with any of the foreign made cars that we have owned over the years. In all likelihood, this will be the last American made car, or at the least the last Chevrolet, that we purchase. I’ve already started browsing other makes and models, with the only requirement being a vehicle that has the capacity to tow a motorcycle/snowmobile trailer.

Have you been disappointed with a Chevrolet vehicle? What are your thoughts on American versus foreign made vehicles? Does anyone want a 2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer?

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