AdSense Traffic Secrets

For anyone running their own website or blog, you’re probably thinking about or have already implemented some form of website monetization (Google AdSense, Text-Link-Ads, AdVolcano, etc.). When I first started integrating AdSense into my website, I found some extremely valuable tips in The AdSense Code (link to my review) by Joel Comm.

AdSense Traffic Secrets.
Well, Joel is back again with a report titled AdSense Traffic Secrets (aff). In this report, Joel discusses the idea that great content, site design and AdSense optimization is not enough if you don’t have traffic.

After following a few sites that make a good deal of money from AdSense, such as John Chow, ProBlogger and ShoeMoney, it certainly seems that a healthy amount of traffic is essential to making money with AdSense.

My Experience & Thoughts.
After downloading the report myself, I feel that there are some very valuable ideas and suggestions in this report. One area that I found to be quite interesting is the discussion on the use of AdWords and AdSense arbitrage. This is not an area that I have explored to this point but there is some helpful information included in this report. For the price of $7, I certainly think this report contains enough valuable information to make it worth the price.

In my own experience, I can attest that the days this site has had a larger volume of traffic seems to correlate to the days that I have made the most money with AdSense. That would indicate that the success lies in building the volume of traffic to your site. Joel Comm has had success himself with AdSense and much of that lies in his ability to drive traffic to his websites.

With this special report (aff), you can learn to replicate the strategies that Joel has found to be successful.

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