Carnival of Debt Management

Another carnival that I am participating in this week is the Carnival of Debt Management, being hosted by Debt Consolidation Lowdown.

Great Carnival.
There are some really great posts included in this carnival so be sure to give it a read. It is always nice to participate in these carnivals because they typically uncover some real hidden gems. Hopefully the readers of this carnival enjoy my post about being honest with yourself, as much as I have enjoyed reading the other posts.

Here are a few of my favorite posts from the Carnival:

Are You Prepared To Lose Your Job?
In a post about being prepared if you lose your job, QueerCents enforces a few essential points in handling job loss. The keys are to be prepared but not paranoid, know your current financial situation and build the emergency savings. Very nice post!

10 Mistakes That Hurt Your Credit Score.
The Simple Dollar has a great post on mistakes that can damage your credit score. There are some very sound, practical tips here so be sure to check it out if you find yourself trying to rebuild your credit score.

How To Handle Your Credit Cards.
In a post about how to handle your credit cards, Dirty Mechanism discusses some good ideas on how to approach the use of a credit card. Always pay the balance off in full and resist making a purchase until you can afford it. The one thing I don’t agree with is the use of cash or checks for large purchases, as proper use of the credit card can offer you some level of purchase protection. Otherwise, I think this is a fine post.

What Is Debt Doing To Americans?
Debt Free writes about what debt is doing to Americans. There are some nice comparisons between people today versus 30-40 years ago. There are many things that once were considered a luxury that people today consider to be rather ordinary. Unfortunately, that comes with a cost and is a good reason many people carry some form of debt.

Enjoy the carnival!

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